Up to 40% Cashback on Dymo purchases

If you place a Dymo order on an authorised website during October or November, which includes at least one label machine, then you can claim 20% cashback if it's between £50.00-£99.99*, or 40% cashback if your order is between £100-£500*.  For orders over £500 you'd just get 40% off the first £500, according to our sources at Dymo.

This is a change from Dymo's previous cashback offers which were fixed amounts of certain machines. Instead you can buy a label machine plus stock up on a pile of labels at a whopping 40% off.   And this isn't limited to expensive suppliers charging full RRP, this includes discount stores with heavily discounted labels.  And as these are (for discount stores at least) very low margin products, that's a HUGE discount and most likely one you won't see again for a long while - so fill your boots as they say!

Even if you already have a Dymo labeller and just want to buy a lot of labels, you could just buy a cheap labeller and the savings from the labels would more than pay for it.

The claims page and terms & conditions can be found here, and of course Label King are an authorised Dymo supplier so any Dymo orders placed with us (and meeting the other terms) would qualify.