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Exclusive: Brother TP-M5000N Tape Creator

1 CommentFriday, 3 October 2014  |  LabelKing

Brother UK is close to launching an innovative Tape Creator product, the TP-M5000N.

It is aimed at suppliers, resellers and gift stores, rather than at end users, and allows them to create customised tapes in a Variety colours and sizes, which can then be sold to end users as a finished product.  This could be ideal for both gift wrapping purposes, or branding for small businesses.

End user applications include packaging, banners (up to 1m in length), gift wrapping and hobby/craft.  Free software is provided with a number of ready made templates.

The TP-M5000N comes with network connectivity (10/100-base-T), and uses a combination of tapes and ribbons in widths of 15, 38 and 50mm.  Using separate tape and ribbons allows a large combination of colours with fewer individual SKU's - as opposed to Brother's less flexible existing label tapes which have a large number of fixed colour and size combinations.

More news on the Brother TPM5000N to follow, as it happens!

Monday, 13 October 2014  |  23:10

Brother Tape Creator launched in UK

The TP-M5000N and consumables have now been released, and are in stock. Brother still haven't made much of a song and dance about it yet - and there is very little marketing information available - but the product is available to buy now.

You can also buy the 38mm and 50mm ribbons and plastic film in the Tape Creator Consumables section.

Please contact us if you need more information.