Mastering Cable Labeling with Brother's TZe Flexible ID Tapes

Tailored for Cables and Wires

The TZeFX "Flexible" tapes are specially designed for labeling wires, cables, and cords, particularly those with a diameter of 3mm or larger. Their unique features cater to the intricacies of cable management, ensuring labels remain in place and legible.

The Magic of Flexible ID Tapes

Brother's TZe Flexible ID Laminated Tapes come with a specially formulated adhesive that allows them to wrap securely around wires and cables. This adhesive strength ensures labels stay firmly in place, even in environments where cables are frequently moved or adjusted.

Ideal for Detailed Information

These tapes are not just about cable identification; they also offer ample space for including barcodes and other detailed information on cable flags. This feature is particularly valuable in IT and networking settings, where precise cable tracking and organization are crucial.

Durable in Every Way

Like all Brother TZe tapes, the Flexible ID Laminated Tapes are known for their durability. They are built to withstand exposure to different environmental conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether it's electrical wires, power cords, LAN cables, or computer cables, these labels ensure your identification remains intact.

Adaptability at Its Core

The versatility of TZe Flexible ID Tapes is their defining characteristic. They are recommended for various cable types, including electrical wires, power cords, LAN cables (patch cords or permanent links), and various computer cables (such as USB cables and data cables). Their adaptability shines through in industries where cable management is paramount.

A Perfect Fit

The unique adhesive formulation and design make these tapes an ideal choice for cable marking. They offer a secure fit that wraps around cables, ensuring that labels remain in place and legible, regardless of cable movement.

Customization and Precision

Whether you're managing cables in an IT setup, identifying electrical wires, or customizing your cable organization, these tapes offer a perfect fit and the versatility you require. With their specially formulated adhesive and ample space for detailed information, they're your go-to choice for cable labeling that remains reliable and precise. Trust Brother's TZe Flexible ID Laminated Tapes for a labeling solution that adapts to your needs with precision and resilience.