The TZeFX "Flexible" tapes are specially designed for labeling wires, cables, and cords, particularly those with a diameter of 3mm or larger. Their unique features cater to the intricacies of cable management, ensuring labels remain in place and legible.

Brother's TZe Flexible ID Laminated Tapes come with a specially formulated adhesive that allows them to wrap securely around wires and cables. This adhesive strength ensures labels stay firmly in place, even in environments where cables are frequently moved or adjusted.

The primary feature that makes TZe Strong tapes unique is their significantly stronger adhesive. These tapes are designed to adhere firmly to various surfaces, including those that are rough, textured, and powder-coated. The adhesive on TZe Strong tapes ensures that labels remain securely attached, even in challenging environments.

Up to 40% Cashback on Dymo purchases

If you place a Dymo order on an authorised website during October or November, which includes at least one label machine, then you can claim 20% cashback if it's between 50.00-99.99*, or 40% cashback if your order is between 100-500*.

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