VP700 MemJet Colour Label Printer

VP700 MemJet Colour Label Printer

The VP700 by VIPColor is a revolutionary digital print-on-demand colour label printer, which reinvents label printing and raises the performance benchmark for printers in its class.

Powered by Memjet thermal inkjet technology, the VP700 prints at a blazing speed of 18 metres per minute (or 100 x 10x15cm labels in less than a minute), delivering exceptional vibrant colour graphics and crisp text and barcodes up to 1600x1600dpi*.

The VP700 prints on demand to exact batch quantity and real-time up-to-the-minute requirements, providing unprecedented flexibility and convenience. Ruggedly designed yet intuitive for use in in-house label production and private labeling needs, the VP700 brings fast, affordable colour printing to any print environment.

This is a very specialist printer, so it is not available to purchase from our website until we are sure that it is suitable for your requirements.  So please contact us for pricing, label samples and/or a product demonstration:



Availability:  In Stock for next day delivery

Our Services: We can provide installation and/or product training if required. An extended on-site rapid support contract is also available for this printer.  Please e-mail us for details.

The VP700 Printer

The VP700 enables high impact, color labels up to 8.5 inches wide at a print speed of 6ips or 12 inches per second (30 or 60 feet per minute) and with print resolutions of 1600 x 1600 dpi or 1600 x 800 dpi, respectively. The VP-700 is perfect for printing on-demand and Just In Time (JIT) labeling requirements in manufacturing or logistic environments. The VP700 is also ideal for custom or private brand labeling needs and provides unprecedented flexibility and convenience to any company that owns one.

With a rugged steel construction, the VP700 comes standard with a built-in cutter, print-hold system, network connectivity, on board service web page for cost analysis and usage monitoring, and an integrated 8 inch label roll unwind with automatic media loading functionality for controlled, simple material handling.

The unit holds five large 250ml color ink cartridges to easily manage large print runs with minimal operator intervention. Set up, operation and maintenance are simple and intuitive and the cost of ownership is surprisingly low. 

The VP700 runs with most common Windows software applications and label design packages so there is not need to update or change your software. 


  • Digital on-demand colour label printer - Print labels as you need them. No need to buy in and store large quantities of pre-printed labels, and no more "out of label" production emergencies
  • Fast desktop printer with output at 18metres/min - Amazing print speeds mean you can produce large volumes of labels quickly
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - If you're printing a lot of labels, then the savings from the low "cost per label" will easily pay back the cost of the machine
  • Ruggedized for industrial usage - The metal construction is a recognition that these printers will often be used in a factory or warehouse setting, where "plasticy" printers are not so practical
  • User-friendly and extremely easy to operate - Not really any more complicated to use than the average copier or laser printer.
  • High quality prints at 1600x1600dpi - High resolution colour labels suitable for product labelling

Large number of media types available, paper Labels and synthetic Labels, Matt finishing and Gloss finishing, White label of Clear labels.

*For Memjet ink compatible label stock, we strongly recommend that the user perform a print check for compatibility before using the label stock for production.

Product Videos

Watch the VP700 Color Label Printer print 50 different custom colour labels, with varying text and barcodes, in 30 seconds!

See the New VP700 Color Label Printer for use in-plant and Powered by Memjet. Memjet is a new way to print lightning fast and affordable color labels. This unit is easy to operate, robust and produces high impact, high resolution color labels. Suddenly, all other color label printers are painfully slow.

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